Affirmation for the Week 1/3-1/9

Card from I Can Do It Cards by Louise Hay

“Life supports me in every possible way”
“For every problem that I may create, I am confident that I can find a solution.”

Life loves you and wants you to succeed. As Louise Hay says, all your needs are met before you even ask and problems are opportunities to learn and grow. But you can’t find a solution or proper next best step with the same mindset that creates a problem or quagmire. Let yourself relax and lighten up. If you have been struggling with a problem or stuck in a pattern/rut, do something to shift your mood or release stress. Often when you stop trying to tackle something, you create an opening to receive.

You can make it an aim to think a new thought about something if you like. When you think a thought you haven’t thought before, this is a good sign your mindset is shifting. Give energy only to thoughts about enjoying desired outcomes. Remember to ask the Universe/your guides for help. Ask, believe, allow and you shall receive.

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