Affirmation for the Week 1/10-1/16

Card from I Can Do It Cards by Louise Hay

“I do something new- or at least different- every day.”
“Life is never stuck, stagnant, or stale, for each moment is ever new and fresh.”

At least for the week, commit to doing something new or different each day. Especially if you feel stuck or like Life is boring or like there are no opportunities, this can help get energy flowing. If you have a lot of energy, it can be nice to be able to channel it into and experience it in various outlets.

For inspiration you could take a new route on your usual commute, you could try a new recipe, restaurant or ingredient. Try some new music or practice learning a new skill. You can even do something you always do but be open to trying it in a different way. Doing the same thing with a different mindset certainly counts too. The possibilities are endless because Life is “ever new and fresh.”

When you do something new or different everyday, just imagine the miracles you open up space for and invite in.

With the first new moon of the new calendar year this week, its a great time to set intentions, plant seeds and begin to build anew.

Card from I Can Do It Cards by Louise Hay

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