New Moon Oracle Message- New Moon in Aquarius

Card from The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson

We are again graced by Quan Yin with an invitation to recognise where we are suffering, unhappy or in pain so that we can take steps to release or transmute these feelings. No more numbing, if you are willing. Louise Hay said that if we want to clean a room, we first have to see the dirt. In what ways are we feeling unfulfilled or a need to escape? What is it we are trying to escape and where to? Where do we want things to be different? Look at your feelings and situation with curiosity and openness. Before you judge or try to control or change what is there, just notice what is going on and let it be. Listen to what is has to say. Medidate, journal, have conversations. Ask Quan Yin to help you and allow yourself and the situation to recieve the mercy and grace of a Divine Mother. For more information on Quan Yin and prayers/mantras to connect with her, read the February Oracle Message.

When we listen and witness with compassion, with an intention to allow and see rather than with an intention to fix or name wrong, we open up space for loving transformation to occur, in our own Life and the Lives of others.

We are in a new Age in humanity, the Age of Aquarius and we are experiencing an evolution of consciousness, so we can live the beautiful Life we want and know we are capable of. We are still in the beginning so there is alot of change occurring, alot of pain and shadow coming up to be healed and transmuted as we step more fully into the Life of our dreams. What we have been living with doesn’t suddenly disappear or get better because the date changed. We have to integrate and move forward with all that we have experienced and learned, individually and collectively.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for to bring about massive change and a whole new way of being. It starts with each of us and the way we live our day to day lives. What is calling you? What is asking to be seen, heard, felt and healed? What is asking you to take a chance, have faith, let go, open your heart, try something new? Be willing to take action. Lovingly listen to what is causing you discomfort, release the energy needed to suppress and hide, so you can move forward feeling more whole.

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