Full Moon Oracle Message- Full Moon in Libra

Affirmation: I feel at ease in my physical body. I am safe and it is safe to feel my emotions and experience life. I am divinely protected and all my relationships are harmonious.

Card from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

Our message for the Libra full moon is to find grounding in our physical bodies and the Earth. This a highly charged and emotional full moon, so we may be feeling intense, sensitive, reactive, controlling, and disconnected along with that. It is also the first full moon of the astrological year, which may signal a release of pent up energy from an entire previous cycle. We can at times get comfortable in our discomfort and prefer to cope with what is rather than embrace and instigate change, or we feel afraid, or even just feel it is easier to complain. If there is anything in need of attention or off balance now, it should be evident by our emotions and what we are seeing played out in all our interactions (relationships) with others. Peace starts from within and with our relationship to our own Self. It is not necessary to focus on controlling other people and changing circumstances, but to focus on how we feel within and what angle we are seeing and creating from. How do you want to experience yourself in the world?

Libran energy is about balance and relationships. Since everything we do is in relationship to something or someone, if the way we relate is out of harmony, it can throw everything out of balance. A good way to experience balance at this time is to give attention to our root chakra and physical body. This is our foundation in life from which we can build in the manifested world, as well as anchor in and experience higher frequencies. If our foundation is shaky, that leaves room for more shakiness. But when we feel solid and safe and firm in our foundation, we can feel more safe to experience whatever arises with a balanced perception. We also feel more able to create and experience deliberately and with purpose rather than by default. So take charge of your foundation. Give some love to your physical health. Consider healthy nutrition and physical movement that gets your blood flowing and gets you feeling connected with your body. This can even be fun. Is there a health food you’ve been wanting to try or a dance/workout class or a new hike or route to explore? You could try this full moon yoga practice by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube if you like. Follow what inspires you, you know your body and needs best. If you don’t feel like that is true this is a good time to connect with yourself.

“This mandala reminds you of the importance of grounding your etheric self, deep within the earth you now call home. The tall ones are guiding you to remember that a tree without deep roots will not flourish as it will be in survival mode. The same is true for everyone. The energy of surviving no longer serves you. As you anchor deeper and embrace your physical foundation you will find joy in welcoming the thriving energy that comes from being grounded. The deeper the roots, the higher the climb, the greater the view. Surrender to the gift of your human self.”

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