Affirmation for the Week 3/21-3/27

“My consciousness is filled with healthy, positive, loving thoughts that reflect themselves in my experience.”
“I move through life knowing that I am safe- Divinely protected and guided.”

Card from I Can Do It Cards by Louise Hay

Know that you are safe, loved and in the presence of angels and Divine helpers at all times. You are never alone or forced to figure out anything on your own. The Universe and your guides are here to help you. It is necessary that you set your intention and consciously invite your guides to help you, because they cannot impose on free will, except in the case of special circumstances like to save your life. Free will means that if you don’t invite your angels to help you, then they can’t, so remember to ask. There is a way to pray effectively.

What are the healthy and loving thoughts you’d like to see reflected in your experience, or that you already do? Give thanks. What kinds of experiences would you like to have? What kinds of thoughts do you think you would have when you are having your desired experiences? Those are the types of thoughts you need to be thinking right now in order to bring about the experience. Be kind and forgiving to yourself and others. Give energy to your fun, playful, optimistic and hopeful thoughts. Ask your spirit guides to help you solidify these thoughts into your everyday experience. Say thank you to your helping guides for always being there for you.

Card from I Can Do It Cards by Louise Hay

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