Affirmation for the Week 4/11-4/17

“I freely express who I am”
“It is my birthright to express myself in ways that are fulfilling to me.”

Card from How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay

What gives you joy, what lights you up, what are things you enjoy doing? What upsets you, makes you angry, makes you cry? What are your opinions and beliefs, do you express them and live by them? You are allowed to have your own feelings, desires, talents, and fears. You are allowed to be uniquely you and show up as yourself in the world. Do you do that?

Take some time to express yourself by doing things that you enjoy, and fully enjoy enjoying what you’re doing. If an emotion arises within you, feel free to express it in a healthy way or let it rise within you so you can explore it.

What is at least one act of healthy self expression you can think of for yourself? There are many forms of self expression and expressing doesn’t necessarily have to mean you need an audience. It’s your self expression and it gets to be whatever you want it to be. Just remember you don’t get to control how your expression is perceived, so express from your heart for your heart.

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