New Moon Oracle Message- Aries New Moon

Affirmation: I live a divinely inspired life. I love being me and creating with the Universe.

Cards from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware

“Within this new world your pure, instinctual self is calling to be heard as the wayshower of light… follow your intuition… you have not only surpassed the illusionary world, but you have chosen to be responsible for creating a new one.”
“As everyone has their own unique way of communicating with the higher realms, it is important that we each remain open to how messages will be received… Divine guidance is the gentle, loving voice of one’s soul- nothing more. There truly is no one better attuned to receiving guidance for you than yourself.”
“Big winds of change are gathering momentum and will soon be felt. If you choose to embrace the change and move forward with love, these winds will bring you great blessings… ‘Be true to you’… Exciting times lie ahead. Celebrate the now…”

Use your third eye to envision new possibilities and receive downloads/information to create your life anew, and to have clarity regarding your intentions and desires. Simply put, imagine and dream big. Tune in to your heart. Be open to Divine guidance. To take it deeper, consciously channel your Higher Power so you can know your soul’s highest path and what direction to aim your intentions.

The Universe is supporting new beginnings right now. This is the first new moon of the astrological year. Think of it like New Years and setting resolutions in the West, but amplified and supported by cosmic energy. It’s helpful to be clear on what you would like to create and experience going forward, and why. Its OK to change your mind and tweak your direction as you discover and learn more.

So, to start. What do you want your year to look like? What do you want your day to day to look like? How can you implement aspects of that into your life right now? What are steps you can take along the way toward an end goal? Answers these questions from your heart and with the guidance of your Higher Power.

As a simple ritual, you can write down on a piece of paper, or on your device even, what your intentions are. Writing them down gives them more power and helps with clairty.

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