Affirmation for the Week 4/18-4/24

“I am always safe and well-received.”
“It is safe for me to be me.”

This affirmation is helpful for social anxiety and anxiety in general. Going out in the world and interacting with people can be scary and intimidating, especially these days. Even interacting with friends and family can be cause for anxiety. Affirming and believing that you are always well-received can you give you comfort that no matter how anxious you feel and no matter what happens in a situation, your highest intentions shine through and people are more likely to take you as you are or feel at ease around you. You are always safe. This also gives peace of mind if you are someone who replays and rethinks every interaction, thinking of ways it could’ve gone better or something you should or shouldn’t have said. When you can trust that you are always well-received, there is no need to agonise.

You can use this affirmation for serious conversations, connecting with loved ones, placing orders, making friends, meeting new clients or co-workers, interviewing for jobs, public speaking, for any interactions you feel anxious about.

I recommend listening to this affirmation meditation by Lizzy Jeff on Spotify.

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