Affirmation for the Week 4/25-5/1

“This present experience is a stepping-stone to a new awareness”
“My spiritual growth comes to me in ways I don’t quite expect. I know I am always safe.”

Card from How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay

We as souls come here to Earth to learn and grow and experience. Living a lifetime on Earth is one of the most accelerated and intense learning experiences a soul can have. We have the capacity to feel such great joy, pleasure and love, and also deep pain, anger and fear. Our response to these experiences is important. Our response to suffering can lead to enlightenment. We can choose to turn our backs on and ignore growth and good experiences in favor of a story that does not serve us, or we can choose a story that empowers and liberates us. Regardless of your point of view or the lens through which you experience, you are always supported by a Higher Power that loves you without condition and always has your best interest at heart. It is our level of awareness and receptivity that make a difference in our experience.

Does something come to your mind as you read this? Perhaps this is, or was, a stepping stone to a new level of awareness for you. It can be something challenging or enjoyable. Maybe its something personal or global, or both. We are certainly experiencing a collective stepping stone, and with that each of our own personal experiences. Know that you are safe. If you are open to it, be willing to see and experience things from a new level of awareness. You don’t have to know what this feels like or how to get there, just affirm to the Universe that you are willing and expect to see evidence that you are guided. Thank your Higher Guidance for lovingly guiding you through all experiences. Pray for help and clarity when you need it. Let yourself think anew.

Card from How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay

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