Full Moon Message- Scorpio Full Moon & Pluto Retrograde

Affirmation: It is safe for me to experience all aspects of Life. I love every part of me through every phase I go through.

Crown Chakra card from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware, Lalla card from The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson

At the time of this full moon we can be experiencing heavy/hidden feelings or situations calling our attention and coming to the surface to be healed. The archetype of Scorpio brings up things we might struggle with and keep in the dark, or would rather not acknowledge in the spirit of love and light or just in general. But by acknowledging the tougher aspects of our lives and showing up to meet them, we can decide to let real and lasting transformation occur, and bring through true love, light and healing to our experiences (rather than placing a bandaid on our feelings or keeping things underwraps altogether, and letting love and light be buzzwords). Love and light means seeing the darkness and loving yourself through it, not punishing or suppressing or pretending its all good. Scorpio transforms by exploring the depths.

Pluto, a ruler of Scorpio, also goes retrograde under this Full Moon energy. Pluto retrograde lasts until the New Moon in Libra on October 6th. So what comes up for each of us around this full moon can be something we’re working through transforming the duration of Pluto’s retrograde. Some lessons are harder learned or more subtle and some things reach many layers and take more time and life experience to heal and integrate. This is completely okay. If you show up to the feelings, challenges and opportunities coming up for you lit by the spark of the Full Moon, you could realise yourself truly transformed through Pluto retrograde season. The challenges you face may even be more on the fun side like having the courage to say yes to new opportunities and practice behavior that exemplifies the you that you are becoming. To help you move through transformations with more ease and grace, remember your connection to the Divine and that your thoughts, words and perspective create your reality.

From the Native Heart Healing Oracle: “This mandala brings you the violet, silver and golden rays of the crown chakra that connect you with universal consciousness. Your energy has aligned with that of the Council of Twelve, a highly evolved, non-physical team of masters overseeing the evolution of humanity’s heart-centered consciousness. It is important to note this occurence happens when one’s crown and heart have expanded to activate the pure love of Christ Consciousness. This enables one to further achieve their mission… This chakra can also signify attachment to the physical world, feelings of emotional disconnection and a resignation to living life this way. However, you will soon begin to feel more connected and at one with yourself and with the universe. Re-evaluate what is important to you in this physical world… The energy of this mandala is at your side during this heightened time and reminds you that the timing is perfect for those anchoring the light within the planet and for those just beginning to understand their light. Thou time is nigh.

From the Divine Feminine Oracle: “Lalla embodies the potency and power of our words to create our own reality… she used the inherent power of her every word to transcend duality and enter a state of blissful union with the divine… Words have the power to shift our reality or to continue to reinforce it… If we are not separate from the soul, and if the soul is not separate from the divine, then we have the power to co-create our life… If we want more love, more light, more of that joy and freedom that expands our capacity to be present in the world, then Lalla reminds us that we can become the author of our own reality right now… we are so powerful that changing the words we use to describe ourselves can change the trajectory of our lives.”

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