Affirmations for the Month of May

Hello lovely souls. This month we will have one affirmation post for the entire month of May, rather than an affirmation posted each week.

May Affirmations:

“My body is full of vitality, infinite intelligence and life-force energy.”
“My body knows how to heal.”
“Even when my mind is doubtful or tired, my body is still thriving with Divine intelligence.”
“My body, mind, and emotions are all in harmony.”
“I easily adjust any imbalance by listening and responding with love to my body’s messages.”
“My body and my mind are a safe place to live.”
“I love to play, create, and be here in my body.”

Our bodies are amazing and have been described as angelic technology (by Xi Earthstar Healer). Our hearts beat, wounds heal and our lungs breathe without us having to consciously think about it or even be aware. How could this be? We are one with the Power that created us, the Source of that Power always flows through us, and we are never alone. We have the ability to block and ignore this flow, but it is always there.

Now imagine consciously working with and allowing that flow, trusting the Divine energy that courses through you and all of Life. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. You can get out of bed when you are depressed and tired. You can more quickly heal sickness and broken bones. You can recover and thrive when the “experts” said there’s no hope. You can break records, run longer, jump higher, dance more beautifully than you knew possible. The energy is there in your body and coursing throughout Life all around you. It’s OK to give in to this Divine Energy and trust how it wants to flow through you, letting it grace and free your mind. You are safe and Life loves you and wants you to succeed.

A good way to connect with life-force energy is through conscious breathing. You can find or create a technique that feels best for you.

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