Starseed Oracle Message

Star Bathing

Card from Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

“It’s not the stars that create light, but rather light that creates the stars.” -Don Miguel Ruiz

This month of August is a good time to get out under the night sky for some stargazing. Sirius, our spiritual sun is shining brightly as we’ve been graced with the energy from the Lionsgate 8-8 portal. The Perseid meteor shower, said to be the best of the year, is at its peak right now at the time of this posting (12th of August).

If you are blessed with a clear sky where you can see the stars, why not give the night sky some attention? Pay attention to what constellations and stars you notice first, or often notice, and to thoughts and feelings that arise. There could be a message for you, maybe from your Starseed collective. Allow the experience to be unique to you.

If you have been feeling guided to go somewhere, either for a move, a visit, to a new or familiar part of town, or what have you, let yourself be guided. It could be that you need to anchor and/or recieve frequencies or activations. You could be a conduit for new energy and be meant to share or receive energy. It is not necessary to rationalise this.

From the Starseed Oracle: “The stars are constantly showering emanations onto the crystalline grid of the Earth. When things are in balance the planet also sends information back up to the stars. Many Starseeds have come to Earth at this time to help shift the planet vibrationally…
Some people believe that the crystalline grid of the Earth anchors divine cosmic frequencies onto the planet. You may be guided to particular places on Earth to unlock these cosmic codes with your presence…
You’re here to connect with the crystalline grid of the Earth, either in your hometown or by traveling to other places without quite knowing why.”

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