Full Moon Oracle Message- Pisces Full Moon

“Humanity’s Destructive Traits & Keys to Goodness

Cards from Mystical Wisdom by Gaye Guthrie and Josephine Wall

What are your more destructive or less desirable traits? How do you treat yourself and how do you behave as a result of these traits? How do you treat others? Do these traits run your life or do you have a healthy relationship with and expression of your shadow aspects?

Pisces can be a sensitive, ungrounded and emotional energy. It can also be dreamy, evoke compassion and help you feel more connected to the spiritual realm and your vision of God.
As Pisces energy really spans the entire emotional range, it can help us find compassion for ourselves and others and envision our highest possibilities, or it can send us down a rabbit hole of pitying behaviors and thoughts. We can choose to punish ourselves and exemplify the chaos within us and our world, or we can choose to love and nurture ourselves so we can exemplify the goodness within ourselves and the Universe.

Self-love is a key to goodness. Enjoying life and having fun are keys to goodness. Trusting in Life and using your natural gifts and talents are keys to goodness. Let yourself see and nurture the good in place of focusing on unwanted. We all have the capacity for supreme beauty, joy and grace and we all have equal capacity for pain, destruction and wasting.

We can use the full moon energy to dream and envision, and allow our emotions to flow and practice nurturing. Or we can use it to ruminate and let our emotions run the show. Both options are available to choose.
If you struggle with your emotions and showing compassion to yourself or others, call upon your Higher Power to help guide you and pay attention to the guidance you receive.

To help connect with Piscean energy drink plenty of water and spend time in or near water. You could enjoy a bath or a shower, gaze at a bowl of water, take a walk by a river or a swim in a lake, or listen to the trickle of a fountain or other water sounds. You can also connect through any act of creativity that you enjoy. Or simply take a nap and intend to dream.

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