February 2022 -Pick A Card and Affirmations

Cards from Chakra Insight Oracle by Caryn Sangster and Amy Edwards

Hello beautiful souls! This month we have a pick a card reading, focusing on the chakras. Each reading includes affirmations. Feel free to choose one, two, or all three cards. This a general reading so take what feels right for you and don’t worry about the rest! If the cards or words you read inspire something more or different in you, trust that and listen to your own personal guidance system (your intuition)!


February Happenings to Note
• Jan 31/Feb 1st: New Moon in Aquarius, Lunar New Year
• Feb 4: Mercury direct
• Feb 16: Full Moon in Leo
• Feb 19: Pisces Season begins (Sun in Pisces Feb 19- Mar 20) ~We are in Aquarius Season (Sun in Aquarius) through Feb 18
• Feb 22: United States Pluto Return
Lunar Nodes have shifted as of 1/18, North Node is in Taurus, South Node is in Capricorn until July 2023

Pick A Card and Affirmations

Card 1: Throat Chakra

Your attention is being called to your throat chakra, which involves speaking, listening and expressing. Do you feel in tune with your authentic self and personal truths? Are you comfortable expressing yourself and your truth? Possibly in interaction with others or through creativity? If you haven’t been feeling in tune with your authentic self, it can be helpful to get in tune through exploring creative activity or literally using your voice. You are encouraged to express through writing, music, dancing, singing, chanting, speaking, crying, laughing, painting, sculpting, creating a program, or any idea that comes to mind. It’s your creativity and expression and it gets to be what you want it to be!
If it resonates you are also encouraged to have open, honest conversation and communication with others. Is there something that needs to be discussed or disclosed, or something you just need to get off your chest? Is it helpful to have clarity and intention before you speak or have important conversations? Speak with honesty and know that there is value in what you have to share. If you struggle with communicating or feel safer doing so,  you can also put in writing what you need to say or any other form that feels good to you. Listen to others to hear and understand, not just to respond or make a point. (Unless that’s your intention of course, just be aware).
Know that you are worthy of sharing your voice and your personality and soul and creations with the world. The world benefits when you do. Remember that just as you are special and important as is what you have to express, the same goes for everybody on the planet. This is not to diminish your light. We are all so beautifuly different and unique. We all have different styles of communication, relating and interpreting and of course different things to express! Sometimes it helps to keep this in mind. You don’t have to like everyone and everyone doesn’t have to like you. We can respect everyone’s right to be.
• I speak up for myself and freely express my thoughts, feelings and ideas.
• It feels good to express myself.
• What I have to say has value.
• I listen to others and hear what they have to say.

Card 2: The Mind

“Your mind is the architect of your experience. There is no limit to what it can create.”
Your attention is being called to your third eye chakra, your mind, and the quality of your thinking. Our mindset can be our greatest asset or our biggest obstacle. If you have been playing victim with your mindset, it’s time to take control now and choose differently. Our thoughts and beliefs, and what we focus on create our reality. What do your typical daily thoughts look and feel like? Are they thoughts that support you and feel good, or are they thoughts that scare and discourage, or even demean you? Are you focusing on what you have to be grateful for and the things that are working well in your life? Or do you often focus on the negative and what there is to fix? If we spend all our focus complaining about things, that focus will continue to amplify. If you can’t think thoughts that feel good about something, take a break from brooding over it and focus on something else that feels better. If you feel stuck, it’s helpful to move your body or change your environment by maybe going for a walk or putting on some music or including pleasing sights or smells in your surroundings. Even simply cleaning the house or a drawer can help clear space in your mind. Allow yourself to process your heavy thoughts and express heavy emotions, but don’t live in that frequency. Spend time daydreaming and imagining your most glorious present and future. Remember, what you focus on expands, where attention goes energy flows. If you have been working on a mindset shift, this is applause and encouragement to keep going. You are doing a good job!
“Be willing to let go of rigid judgements and fixed perceptions. Stay open to the potential of something new entering your mind.”
This is a good time to meditate, take a class, learn something new, practice manifesting, or partake in things that use the power of your mind.
• My imagination helps shape my beautiful life.
• I allow space for stillness and silence.
• My mind is peaceful and powerful.
• I trust my intuition.

Card 3: Compassion

Your attention is being called to your heart chakra and compassion. Do you know what it feels like to have compassion for yourself or another? To have compassion is to be able to recognise suffering in yourself or another, and be in a space of love, understanding, empathy, gentleness and wanting that suffering to end.
If there is pain or unhappiness, compassion is needed.
“The call to compassion is a call to accept people and situations for who they are and where they are at. As we let go of judgement and the need to ‘fix’ a situation or to label things as good or bad, we begin to realise that every situation carries with it a gift and we each have unique lessons to learn… So love your humanness and support each rising step on this journey with compassion.”
When we don’t have compassion, we may feel separate from, angry or judgemental. When we beat ourselves up and constantly tell ourselves we need to be better or we aren’t good enough, that is not compassion. When we tell someone (or ourselves) that their feelings don’t matter or that their experience is wrong, or get over it, that is not compassion. Compassion recognises suffering for what it is and has the energy of a fierce and gentle mother loving and nurturing her precious children in need. Be that mother to yourself always and be aware of others in your life who could use your loving compassion. Can you expand that compassion out into the world?
If you have been or are being hurt by someone, it is ok to not have compassion for the person or people who hurt you, especially if you are still healing. There is a time and a place for anger and sometimes it is neccessary and righteous. Have compassion for yourself by honouring your anger and your fear and all of your feelings and challenges. Once you learn to have compassion, love and forgiveness for yourself, maybe down the road that will lead to compassion and forgiveness for those you are angry at. And maybe it won’t and that is ok.
• I love all of me.
• It feels good to send love to others.
• I am willing to forgive.
• I accept that pain is an essential part of my growth, and it is only part. I also learn through love.

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