Leo Full Moon 2022

Seeing Beyond & Shining Through

Cards from Oracle of the 7 Energies by Colette Baron-Reid and Jena DellaGrottaglia

“Do you consider things only within the framework of what you already know? Or can you allow yourself to see beyond, into the vastness of potential?” -Oracle of the 7 Energies

This full moon the energy invites us to see beyond. See beyond the surface and the narrative, our own narrative and the outer narratives that we may experience. See beyond our perceived limitations and the stories we tell ourself about what is possible and acceptable. See beyond addiction, grasping and fear. Honour the perspectives and feelings that have brought you to where you are, and choose to move from this point where you are, from your heart and soul and a higher perspective.

What is most true for you right now? How can you honour and nurture yourself according to that truth? What is the most beautiful expression of your life you can imagine? Are you expressing and living it? Are you enjoying it? What steps can you take to be where you want to be, knowing all along the way that each step and part of your journey and experience is equally a part of the path as the destination? And once you arrive at your destination, you will still be continuing to grow beyond your achieved destination. We are always learning, growing and evolving. Be present for your journey and choose to play an active part in your life creation. Don’t be an observer who accepts, be a dreamer who creates what is.

Your dreams matter. Who you are and your perspective is a gift to Life, from Life. You are a unique spark of the Divine/Source/Creator/God/Energy. Honour your soul and connect with your heart, listen to what it has to say, let it be heard and expressed in the world. Create. Have conversations. There are many forms of creative expression. Find what feels good to you or challenge yourself to try a new way.

No matter where you are on your journey, or how worthy you feel, or how much experience and qualification you have, if you become present with yourself and your essence, you have something to share, offer, and/ or express. Give yourself the gift of prioritising being in tune with your heart. Share the gift of you with world. You don’t have to try to be anything or come up with something to express if inspiration isn’t flowing. Just be who you are and let it shine through in what you do and how you be. If you don’t know where to start, start with being honest.

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