Free Spiritual Summits and a Detox Challenge – Time Sensitive

Included in this article are links to various free spiritual summits and a holistic yoga chakra detox challenge. May you encounter the perfect energy, information, and speakers that light you up and speak to your soul! Enjoy what you can enjoy and don’t feel pressured to watch and take in everything. Go with what feels good to you and don’t worry about what doesn’t resonate with you. And keep an open mind. Let your soul and body be your guide and enjoy the journey!

Some free offerings have lifetime access available for purchase. I’m not affiliated with any links.

The New Human Global Summit February 28- March 2

The Science of Healing Summit February 28- March 4

Tapping/EFT Summit begins February 28

Sacred Success Salon Summit begins February 28

Alchemy of Ascension Summit March 4-18

Bridging Sky & Earth: Astrology, Art, Spirituality, & Embodiment Summit March 5-10

Holistic Yoga Detox Challenge: March 6-13

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