Virgo Full Moon 2022

Breathe & integrate your experiences by being present. Have patience and trust the process.

Cards from Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Right now, before you finish reading, take 3 deep breaths in and out. Or just close your eyes and breathe for a moment of presence. How does this feel? Do thoughts or feelings arise? If you feel you don’t have the patience, or the time, or the presencing capacity to do some mindful breathing right now, surely there is something for you to integrate and acknowledge. Ask yourself; what am I not willing to be present with, or what do I need to integrate and process? If you have time to read this article, you have time to be with yourself and breathe, or reach out for support.

Alligator medicine talks about integration. It is important for us to process, digest and integrate our life experiences and emotions, our dreams and desires. When we rush, suppress, force, demand, avoid, blame, or deny; we miss out on vital life essence and pinch ourselves off from the experience of joy, inspiration, trust, and flow in life.

We need to integrate some experiences and emotions before we can move forward more freely and aligned in life. If we try to skip, force, push away, or rush ahead we may become stuck or perpetuate things unwanted, or even miss a beautiful opportunity. If you aren’t operating from inspiration and knowing, you may be operating from lack and fear. Both Ant and Aligator speak of patience and proper timing. Integration cannot be forced, and it does not have to happen all at once. Little moments count too. Willing to be present and aware rather than practicing escapsim helps speed up and allow the process. Every moment of presence counts and matters towards your total wellness. During this full moon in Virgo, we are asked to be present and aware of something in our personal life, even if in little moments.

It is always ok to ask for help and for someone to hold space for and listen to you. It’s also ok to laugh. Laughter helps raise your vibration and shift your energy. It’s easier to hear the Divine and solve problems and manifest and enjoy life from a higher vibration.

To help us be present and aware, Dolphin medicine encourages us to take time to consciously breathe. That’s all you have to do, just breathe. Our breath is our direct connection to life. Dolphin represents Manna, or life force energy. Dolphin came out reversed, which suggests that we may be feeling stressed or fearful, and reminds us that it is important to realise and honour the direct connection between our feelings and emotions and our overall health and wellbeing. How can we expect to experience total wellness and happiness if our emotions and inner world are uncared for? How can we think our physical wellbeing does not affect our emotional wellbeing? How can we expect to hear and trust our intuition if we are out of sync with our own rhythm? There is a direct connection. They are interconnected.

Take time to breathe and be and create and play and cry and laugh and enjoy. You are alive. Consider a conscious breath work practice. You could try the Wim Hof method, or Nadhi Shodhana, or any other trusted method that interests you of course. Here is a video to try from Yoga With Adriene. Use your discernment for what is best for you.

A Meditation Idea: 
• surround yourself with nature, either be outside or with plants and flowers inside, or use imagery or imagining.
• You could play sounds of nature.
• Breathe in and out deeply and consciously, and let yourself be invigorated and infused with the vital life energy available from nature and Life itself all around you.
• Allow what arises, this could be what there is to see and integrate. Know that you are held, loved, and supported by loving Divine energy.
• When you feel complete- drink some water. Then go journal, walk, dance, play, workout, take a nap, cry, talk with a friend or therapist, or any other action idea that comes to you to help integrate your experience.
• This is only an idea. Feel free to modify how feels best to you.

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