Equinox & Astrological New Year 2022

Happy Equinox and Happy Astrological New Year!

Before we go springing off into the new and getting swept up in new creations and aspirations, let’s come back to center and get clear, clean, and organised. We are also, importantly, invited to take at least a moment to honour and revere nature and the cosmos, including ourselves as humans also being a part of nature and the cosmos.

Two themes of an equinox are change and balance. Simultaneously as you inevitably experience change (growth, death, transformation, endings, beginnings) and focus ahead, can you tend to what you have present right in front of you? Sometimes we can use our desires to escape our current reality. Of course it is good to dream and pursue our desires and plans, but not at the expense of being present and meeting what is in need of attention.

With law of attraction and spirituality, we can get caught up in good vibes only, and focus only on what you want to create. This is true and a part of it, but it is not the whole concept. This can also become spiritual bypassing or a bandaid rather than the essence of being and experiencing true lovely vibes. If you are experiencing any negative emotion, situation, or belief, it might be neccesary to explore and address the core root of the happening. We don’t want to stay in negative focus or wallow, but sometimes shadow work needs to be explored. It’s a dance that requires our presence.

So ask yourself these questions:
What are my goals and what do I want?
Why? What are my intentions? Is this what my soul wants?
Fully exploring these questions can open up a lot and create the space for clarity. The astrological year begins with Aries, it’s ok and helpful to be honest about your pure, “selfish” desires.

Other helpful excercises for clearing space and enjoying clarity at this time are seasonal/spring cleaning, detoxing, and organising. Clean and clear your physical space and material items. Does your car need to be cleaned or do clothes need donating? What about your office or workspace if you have one? Is your body a clear vessel? Does your living space feel welcoming and supportive? What chores or concerns on any realm need tending to so you can operate from a space of peace and clarity? What just really doesn’t matter that much and therefore can be detached from fussing over?

Oracle Message:

Cards from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

Our Oracle message at this time and for going into the new astrological year is to make trusting and following our own inner knowing a priority. Eventhough it’s not something we’re taught growing up in school and it may not be mainstream knowledge, we have the intelligence of the Universe within us. We don’t have to learn how to beat our hearts or grow or heal our bodies (though we can of course learn to better heal and align or assist with the natural healing and wellbeing process). Just as a seed has all the intelligence within it needs to grow to full form, so do we also have all the intelligence within we need to thrive and live fully aligned with our soul.

The point of the message is that we each have our own inner knowing, and the best thing we can do is trust, and find ways to enhance the trust in our higher knowing. There is so much going on and so many viewpoints in the world, so many ways the collective world could be in any moment. Rather than looking for answers outside or from experts and getting lost in an external narrative, go within and see what information you uncover, recieve, and experience. You can review information you already have and ask questions you’d like the answers to. You will be guided. Trust how you feel and how your inner knowing reacts when you encounter outside information. When you tune in and pay attention, you will be able to discern what is true.

Whatever vision or knowing you have within, trust yourself. You are a divine, intelligent being fueled by Divine Intelligence. Do not look to the outside world for reassurance, direction, or confirmation. Trust and follow your heart and intuition, and the yearnings of your soul. The yearnings of your soul will always guide you in the right direction, and when you follow your heart the Universe responds with more support and guidance.
Recognise the difference between grasping, or a rigid belief, or a trigger/trauma response, and a feeling of true knowing and inspiration.

Ways to honour nature and the cosmos:
• Stargaze
• Pray
• Meditate, conscious breathing
• Appreciate + feel gratitude for something
• Eat natural food
• Care for your body
• Earthing
• Forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku
• Plant seeds/garden
• Harvest/eat from your garden
• Smile and send love to someone
• Smile and appreciate yourself
• Love, help, or care for an animal
• Drink water and be grateful for it
• Feel your emotions
• Honour your ancestors
• Nurture a child
• Express your creativity
• Use products from conscious brands
• Create your own conscious products

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