Aries Archetype – I Am

Aries keywords/concepts/phrases:
pioneer, initiator, instigator, warrior, fighter, head strong, new beginnings, springtime, me first, the self, first house, self-focused, ego, energetic, high energy, chi, passion, active, bold, strong, aggression, fiery, blunt, insensitive, action oriented, fast-paced, impulsive, pushy, quick to anger, activist, leader, daredevil, risk taker, independent, stands up for the underdog, courage, excercise, sports, war, military, arguing, competition, competitive, ambitious, masculine energy, the head

Aries season dates: ~March 20-April 19th

Aries is a cardinal fire sign, represented by a ram and ruled by Mars. Cardinal energy gets things started. Fire, as do all elements, has both beneficial (light) and detrimental (shadow) qualities. For example, fire can cook our foods and warm our homes and fire can also destroy. Then again, sometimes things need to be destroyed or transformed. The Aries archetype can be expressed and experienced in both beneficial and detrimental ways.

Aries is associated with the first house in astrology and the concept of I am. I am, in this sense can be understood as the self, or existing as an individual being and personality with their own needs and desires independent of what anyone else would prefer of them. Opposite from the Libra archetype, which is concerned with relationship, Aries is concerned with it’s own energy, needs, and experience. It is concerned with its own relationship to things and people, not the relationship between things and people. Aries is often referred to as the baby of the zodiac. It is the first sign and it’s energy is concerned with how things are experienced through its own eyes and expression.

Aries energy likes to get things started. It is quick and passionate. It is life-force energy and provides fuel and creative fire to our activities and expression. It gives us the energy we need to get things done, enjoy life, and make things happen. It likes to spark things but can also get bored and quickly want to move on to the next exciting passion or inspiration. Aries likes to be inspired and naturally inspires others with its energy.

Aries is masculine energy, and masculine energy likes to take action and put effort into its will. Mars, the god of war, rules over Aries. Aries can be as angry as it is passionate and as much as it likes to get things started, Aries energy can also spark anger and conflict. Aries likes to do what it wants and does not like to be told what to do or how to be.

Aries fire can be the spice of life or it can be agitated and irritable. It is good to channel strong Aries energy into healthy physical activity, sports, creativity, and inspired causes. Aries is a wonderful leader and change maker. It is most harmonious to focus Aries fire with inspired activity and intention. Aries is a powerful force.

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