Aries Season Pick A Card Reading- What Does Your Heart Want You to Know?

Hello soul! Here is a pick a card reading for you for Aries season- what does your heart want you to know? Feel free to pick one, a combo, or all options. Each pick a card option includes a poem from Rumi.

Cards from Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Rassouli

Aries season is from about March 20th to April 19th. Read more about the archetype of Aries here.

Pick a card readings are general readings with general information, feel free to interpret differently or more personally for you as you are inspired. Welcome insights you receive that are not stated in the words you read. Listen to your intuition.

Option 1:

Option 1: Understanding & Control vs. Trust & Flow

“O, you living in the world of six directions, accept the gloom and accept the Bliss, for those seeds buried in the ground will one day grow into fruitful orchards.” -Rumi

You have a great blessing and gift being given to you now, or about to be given to you. Can you readily and wholeheartedly receive this gift? Or do you need to figure out how you’re going to accept it and be worthy of living with this blessing? You may not realise if you don’t feel worthy and ready, but are you asking for something and then thinking of all the ways you can manifest it or force it to happen, all the ways you need to be, things you need to understand and put in place? That is not trust, surrender, and being ready to recieve.

The Divine is asking you to trust that all that is is a part of the Divine. In the words of Neil Gaur, “the most unconditional thing the light ever did was to allow the darkness to live within it. They aren’t separate.” Can you give up your judgment and analysis of, and the need to understand existence? Is it really necessary to understand how the Sun rises each day to know that it will, or to know why it does? Do we have to know why existence is the way it is? Maybe our perception of existence is incomplete? Our human mind may not be able to understand the intelligence that rotates the planets, or causes the seasons, or controls gravity, or beats our hearts, or why we experience separation, or why exist at all, so stop agonizing the mind and trust the wisdom of your heart.

There is much magic and beauty that we cannot understand with our limited minds, minds that operate based on past knowledge and experience with the goal of preservation, over the intelligence, inspiration, and possibility the heart knows. It is unhelpful to look for things to make sense or for a framework to put yourself into and operate from. You are asked to operate from the trust in your heart. It is a feeling. Know that you are Divinely guided every step of your way and you don’t need to make a plan and follow it before you can begin living. All you have to do is listen to what your heart says right now and act on the first step. You might not get to know step number 2 until you have taken the first step.

The gift of life is yours right now. What do you need to experience in order to feel like this life is really a gift? The conditions you need are coming to you now, even if they don’t look like exactly what you asked for, or if you are in the midst of a trial. You don’t need to find a way to live your purpose and be on the right path, you are living your purpose and you are on the right path. Planning and understanding can take away from the presence, enjoyment, and power of being on your path.

Have you noticed that attempts at controlling or even understanding don’t work so well? Controlling and attempt at understanding are workings of the mind, remember? You are asked to live fully from your heart and dance freestyle with the Divine. Take chances on going for and creating what you want. No more playing small or trying to protect yourself from experiencing life. Yes, you have experienced much and at times life doesn’t seem fair. Sometimes we don’t understand why we experience hardship or setback. Trying to understand the past and trying to escape to or plan the future remove you from being present with what is right now. And right now Life is blessing you. There is pleasure and there is pain from the perspective of the mind, what does the poetry of your heart convey to you? When you get into that place of trust and flow, if your mind tries to sabotage you, just say thank you not today, today I’m giving my heart a chance to lead. As you let your heart lead, the gifts that unfold before you will free you of your fear and distrust in life, and strengthen your connection to and faith in the magic of the Universe.

Option 2:

Option 2: Heart over Mind

“If a tree could move from one place to another, it would not suffer the pain of the saw or the oppressive wounds.
If the Sun and the Moon stood still like rocks, they could not offer brilliance.
How bitter the taste of water would be, if the river stopped its flow remaining still like seawater.
When the seawater rises to become a cloud, it loses its bitterness and pours the rain of sweetness.
I have given you only a few examples, you can figure out the rest. Break away from the self and enter the Kingdom of Love.” -Rumi

Do you know the desires of your heart? Are you connected to your heart space? Have you allowed your mind to rule your life, over the intelligence and wisdom of your heart? Has your heart become restricted from the domineering vigilance and criticism or limitation of your mind? Look at your life now. Where did the decisions that led to where you are come from? Mind is conditioned, fearful, analytical. Heart is inspired, liberated, in flow.

If your life, or something in your life, seems to be falling apart, it was never or is no longer in alignment with your heart and highest good. What is falling apart may have been created from a fearful or less evolved mindset than you have now. You are more aware now and your heart wants true love, beauty, and fulfillment in this life.
The creative intelligence of the Universe is sweeping through your life, uprooting and blowing about what has outgrown its soil, demolishing what doesn’t have a solid foundation. The Universe wants to gift you with something so magnificent and beautiful, a gift perfectly befit your precious soul. What is not in alignment with the full unfoldment and enjoyment of this gift must go. Your soul has grown more vast and your previous container of life does not fit you any longer.

Your wildest dreams are possible. You may not even be aware of what your wildest dreams are, but you know you haven’t been living them. You will have the gift of clarity and alignment with your heart and highest good, but you are asked to let go of what has become a comfort zone rather than true alignment with your soul. If you have a job, belief, living situation, relationship, vision or goal that you have outgrown, you are asked to let it go and stop trying to make it fit you or make yourself fit into it.

Any chaos, change, or discomfort happening right now is the Universe getting you to move. Stop holding on or thinking you have the option of things staying the same, of not changing and growing. You can’t stay where you have been. The more you can move with change and growth rather than against it, the more flow and joy you will be available for. Let your mind work for your expansive heart, rather than against it. Remind your mind that if your beautiful, intelligent heart inspires something within you, it is possible and it is meant to be. Don’t let your mind edit your heart any longer. The Universe is not allowing it. To free yourself from discomfort or despair, you must follow your heart.

Option 3:

Option 3: Service & Soul Gifts

“‘Tell me the truth,’ I asked love,
‘What are you?’
‘I am the everlasting life,’ love said,
‘I am the recurring joy of living.'”

This is confirmation that yes, what lay in your heart and how you would like to be of service is the right path for you. Everything you have experiened is part of your path and benefits you with compassion and understanding in your service to others, as well as helps others relate to and trust you. Or, if you are wondering what your path and purpose is, this is to tell you that part of your path and purpose includes service. If you think you aren’t interested in service, just know that whatever path you are considering is service if you are following your heart. Your lifestyle and choices can be of service, both with their example to the whole and the beneficial consequences of your choices and way of living.

Service means living your life in honest expression of your true self. This is not selfish. Service does not mean self-sacrifice. The Divine lives in you, as you, and as you express yourself fully in life, you fully express a unique spark of divinity. Others benefit by the full expression of who you are, for they come into contact with the Divine when they encounter you and your offerings. The path you walk makes it easier for others to know and express their divinity. Plus, your calling or offering may be the answer to someone’s prayers, maybe even Gaia’s.

Service can happen through a specific offering or skillset, and also through being fully embodied and comfortable in who you are, without having to do or offer anything in particular. An aspect of service is showing up with and offering the full embodiment of your personal essence. For example, one can work in a profession that is considered to be of service yet hate what they do or show up with shame and pretense in the way. This detracts from the energy that could otherwise be benefitted from, and can even be detrimental. On the other hand, a full hearted smile from a passing stranger, a sincere conversation, or soulful performance can touch lives in the best way. This sincere, fully embodied expression is service. Your anger or sadness can even be of service when feeling it is an act of transmutation, integration, love, and sincere self-expression. We are human and we have to know it is ok to feel and process emotions.

Whatever is in your heart as your way to serve, honour it! Be it, do it, express it! It doesn’t matter how many other people are already doing it or if no one has done it before or if it isn’t done that way. Your heart is asking this service of you because it benefits you to be true and it benefits others to experience your true expression. Someone may only be able to receive the message or activation from you, even if others have shouted it in their ear. The message and essence is important, give others the chance to experience it through you.

If you are wondering if your life could possibly truly have meaning and make a difference, or if you are just making things up, this is confirmation that your life does have purpose and you did incarnate with a mission. The way to fulfill your mission is to follow your heart and do not hide any part of who you are. Do not dismiss your natural talents, interests, and inclinations- they are there with Divine purpose. If you struggle with who you are or an aspect of yourself, know that loving yourself and allowing yourself to be who you are is a great act of service, even if it seems trivial to you. Easier said than done sometimes, this is why it is a service. Be willing to go through the process of discovering true self love and acceptance and believing in yourself. Believe in your offerings and what your soul is calling forth from you. Serve boldly. The world needs and wants your contribution. Bless us and enjoy being blessed.

Option 4:

Option 4: Death, Rebirth, Divinity

“When you move beyond consciousness,
you caress the beloved.
When you move into the unknown, beyond everything, the beloved caresses you.”

In your quest to heal and be whole, in your quest to know the Divine, or just live a happy life, can you allow yourself to be loved and held by the Divine? This is how you know the Divine. Through surrender, and through showing up to life with full honesty. When we show up to life with honesty and vulnerability, the Divine can help and grace us fully. But the Divine isn’t going to live our lives and make everything happen for us. Our souls come here to experience and grow. We have to show up to life. We have to meet our challenges, follow our hearts, and listen to the call of our soul and what it is longing to express and experience this lifetime.

Life is always encouraging us to grow, evolve, and thrive. Our souls are always calling us into the highest embodiment. The beautiful life that you are desiring, it is yours. But you have to go through a dying process first. It is no longer good enough to complain and avoid, or wish things would magically be fixed. You are in the midst of an ending and a beautiful new beginning. But you must experience the ending. The ending, the death, cannot be avoided by going strictly to the new. Sometimes we can let go of the old by moving on to the new, but that is not the case here. To do so would be avoidance and building up walls, and carrying old karma into new situations.

You are an old soul with deep wisdom, knowing, and experience within. Your soul demands more of you because it knows more. You will never be satisfied if you settle, but you must also be content to know you are always evolving and its okay to change. Face what is ending and grieve if you need to while at the same time feeling the beauty of the new beginning you are moving into and the wonderful feelings that will soon be your norm. Face the darkness or the challenge so that the Divine can help you through it and lift you into the most beautiful harmony. By bravely and truthfully honouring and going through the process of whatever your unique situation is, you will come to know that you are Divinely loved and supported. You are not selfish for having feelings and needing those feelings to be seen. You are beautiful and alive! Let life see you so life can love and support you. Remember the Divine also supports through other people and situations. Recognise the Divine influence in your life.

If you can allow yourself to go through the process of change and evolving, not simply run from things you don’t want to face, you will know true grace and move into a more genuine expression of who you truly are. When we live in alignment with who we truly are, we know true happiness and know from experience how beautiful this life can really be.

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