Aries New Moon 2022


“The beautiful Heart Chakra mandala is a master healer. As a reflection of your infinite self- your divine ‘I am’ -it is awakening the deep memory that you have everything you need to heal. It is already within you… you no longer need to experience pain to grow.” Card from Native Heart Healing Oracle by Melanie Ware and Jane Marin

Whatever we are each experiencing during the time of this Aries New Moon is personal to each of us and what lives in our individual hearts. The world is changing, as it always is. However, we are in a time of accelerated change and growth. We are simultaneously ending one age and beginning another. So much change! Do you believe we are creating a new Earth and becoming a New Human? Or what do you believe? It’s been said there are as many realities as there are individuals to experience and create them.

So, at this time, pay attention to your heart, your thoughts, and beliefs, and be aware of what is coming up for you. We create our realities with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. What is the world your heart has experienced? What is the reality your heart would like to create? And who have you been and who have you become through all of this? How have your views changed? Have you changed your views and/or do your views change you? These questions can actually become a lot of mental chatter. Now that these questions are in your awareness, why not put down the analyzing and go to your heart?

The intelligence of your heart will tell you more than the analytical trappings of your mind. Your heart will tell you more than you could hear or read from any other person or external source. At the same time it is also ok to listen to external information or guidance and let your heart validate the truth for you, as well as let your heart guide you to external information, helpers, and inspiration to activate and guide you on your life journey.

So, listen to your heart and allow your heart to lead and interact with you. Our hearts have by far the most powerful electromagnetic frequency in our bodies, certainly more than our brains. Let your heart tell you what you need to feel safe and thrive in life. Let your heart tell you if you need to go through a grieving or releasing process and what you need to soar into a feeling of fulfillment and happiness. Let your heart inform you of the world. Let your heart be the loving leader of your mind. The leader who considers what the mind has to say yet lets the knowingness of the heart and soul lead above all else. This may sound poetic but it doesn’t have to be pretty or complex. Your heart may lead you to something seemingly simple or to something seemingly more profound.

Instead of listing examples, it feels more important to let your heart give you ideas and information. Whatever you are feeling called to, know that this Aries New Moon is the first new moon of the astrological year and it is a wonderfully powerful time for making changes, starting new things, or reinvigorating.

Any thoughts that have been coming to you as you read are likely thoughts it would be helpful to let your heart inform you through. Remember to also leave space for new thoughts to arise instead of wrestling the same thoughts with your mind or trying to strongarm thoughts and feelings.

Meditation, free writing, walking in nature with no destination, or just being in silence are all helpful ways to connect with your heart, among many others. If you would like external inspiration to connect with your heart, I created a pick a card reading for messages your heart wants you to know for Aries season. Click here to access.

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