8/8/22 Collective Message & Pick a Card Reading

Pick a card options: spiral, heart, triangle, circle

Hello beautiful souls ❤ Pictured at the top are the pick a card selections for the peak of the Lionsgate Portal and Leo season. If you’d like to select a pick a card message, scroll past the collective message to read the message or messages you choose. The card decks in the collective reading are the same decks used in the pick a card messages.

Collective Message. Decks used from top left moving clockwise: Work Your Light Oracle, Dragon Oracle Cards, Mystical Shaman Oracle, Rumi Oracle

Collective Message:
There is sadness and there is excitement. Endings of all kinds alongside beautiful new beginnings. It is ok to feel the happiness and anticipation of what is to come and it is ok to grieve the losses and endings that sometimes come with transformation.

With all this there is a feeling of uncertainty and not knowing. Maybe not knowing what’s to come, or what is even going on, or how things will play out. It’s ok to not know and it’s ok to trust your intentions and to trust the universe to help you make your intentions reality. Be open to the ways in which your intentions can come about, there is so much we don’t know but that our higher power does.

Look only to yourself and your relationship with your higher power for certainty. Be like the bird who is fulfilled, powerful, and at peace because her trust is placed in her wings and her ability to fly, not the branch that she is sitting on. In other words, trust in your ability to be guided and to meet all situations with the highest good. Don’t look for an external circumstance to give you certainty or direction.

We are in a time of great change, great personal change and great collective change. The cosmos are supporting us specifically right now to be in alignment with our highest path. Wherever we are on our path, we are being guided and even pulled into the greatest alignment with the best possibilities, and the degree to which we fight any neccessary changes or entertain doubt and fear is the degree to which we might experience difficulty. If we can just do the seemingly difficult thing that we know is right for us everything will fall into place so beautifully and with ease. Now is not the time to ignore your intuition. Ask the universe for help if it feels challenging to trust your intuition.

The universe wants the changes we make to be easy and filled with love and grace, and even fun and play. How can we match that frequency? As we ascend into higher frequencies of course it makes sense that we get to experience more ease and flow, and accelerated speed of change and manifestation.

We are all each on our own path of ascension and coming into personal power and knowing wholeness.
This is a divinely guided time for us to take inventory of our lives and make the neccessary adjustments to experience total joy, power, fulfillment, and healing. What is not in alignment must be addressed.  However long it takes for each personal journey and for each aspect of each personal journey is perfect, so long as we are moving and participating in the dance of life. Know though that is a time of accelerated growth and change, so anything you intend to address will likely move along swiftly. Don’t let this scare you, let this reassure and inspire you!

If you knew that anything were possible without a doubt, what would you intend and how would you wish to be and live? Believe in that dream or vision. It was gifted to you for a reason. This is what you are meant to experience this lifetime. It is possible, and even essential for you to experience for the expansion of your soul, and this is what is calling you now.

☆|Pick a Card Selections|☆

Spiral Messages

Your message is that you are shedding old identies, habits, beliefs, points of view, and goals that you’ve outgrown. A vision you once had and were working towards is not in alignment with the person you have grown into and are becoming. This vision has evolved and expanded, or changed maybe completely.

You are being inspired now to dream and plan even bigger than you ever have before as you are being invited into living a higher vision of your life, one that is in alignment with the beautiful mission and plan your soul incarnated on Earth to carry forth and experience. This is not to say that you have been off your path, because every step and experience of your journey has been on the path. However, as we grow, the views on our path become more expansive and beautiful and we have the vision and capacity to enjoy and experience them.

You are a starseed, if you needed the confirmation, and as a starseed you came here both to have a grand personal experience, as well as contribute to the upliftment and wellbeing of humanity as part of the universal whole. As such, whatever it is that lights you up, gives you joy, tugs on your heart, and drives and inspires you personally is the way in which you are meant to contribute to humanity.

Likely if you are reading this, you have an environmental, global, social, generational, or some seemingly vast or overwhelming concern you feel called to improve upon or even heal. This is confirmation that you should follow that spark and you are capable of making a beneficial impact. The bigger the dream the bigger the help and assistance from the universe.

Even if you are only choosing to live more in harmony with life and personal wellbeing than your parents or ancestors did, this is huge, and it paves the way for generations to follow. Every choice you make in honour of your soul is a brick laid to pave a more beautiful path for others to know of and possibly choose to follow.

If you have been struggling with manifesting desired outcomes, your attention is being called to the possibility that you could be trying to force an outcome that is too small for your highest good, and it may be neccessary to envision even greater good for yourself, desires, and contributions.

The Intergalactic/Cosmic Council wants to convene with you about the vision you have for your life. If you feel confused or doubtful, tell your thoughts to the Council so they can provide clarity, encouragement, inspiration, and course correction if neccessary. Even if you feel excited and certain about your dreams, it is always helpful to receive encouragement and blessings from the universe. You can convene with the Council in meditation and dreams. Be aware of your sleeptime dreams and messages and synchronicities you receive in waking life. Right now, there are no coincidences. This is also a confirmation of any mystical experiences you may have been disbelieving or questioning.

Your attention is also being called to your chakras and kundalini/creative/life force energy. When we step into a grander experience of our life, the intensity and newness can be unsettling or intimidating. If it feels right, it can be helpful to practice kundalini yoga and chanting to move and generate energy in your body, being mindful of which practices stimulate the higher chakras and etheric energy and which practices stimulate the lower chakras and help with grounding energy and embodying, as well as all the chakras and energies in between.

Overall, know that receiving The Rainbow is an encouraging sign from spirit that all is unfolding perfectly, you are on the right path, and energies of love and support are guiding you.

Heart Messages

Your attention is being called to your perspective and also your sense of mothering and caring for yourself. Your message is to have compassion and love for yourself first and foremost. Any fear, guilt, shame, or struggle you experience, can you love yourself through it? Rather than blaming yourself or immediately trying to escape, improve, change, or fix things, or even abandoning or suppressing yourself altogether, can you bear full witness to all of you? Can you give light to your shadow aspects so that they don’t overshadow and run your life? Can you listen to your fear and soothe it? Can you let your tears roll down your face and cleanse you? It is in the full witnessing of and being present with ourself through our experiences that we can integrate, learn, evolve and grow, or even just come into a feeling of peace.

The Universal Mother is asking you to please stop scaring yourself or beating yourself up, and please choose love, kindness, gentleness, and encouragement instead. It is also helpful to not blame life and to not place blame anywhere at all. Whatever your experience may be, can you see yourself as a most precious and beloved child, and know that just as you are the precious child who feels and experiences, you are also the experienced and capable adult who can provide love, nurturing, protection, and joyful experiences for the divine and eternal inner child, adult, and whole of you. You are the only one who can allow good experiences and joy in your life.

The cards suggest that you have experienced or are experiencing struggle, fear, or darkness. The way to move through this experience and into wellbeing is to practice compassion and patience with yourself, be willing to be fully present, and be willing to see things from a different perspective. We can’t keep looking at something from the same perspective and expect it to show us anything different, or for we ourselves to be any different. Our human mind and ego which operate based on past experience in order to survive and keep us safe, even if it means feeling stagnant or suffering, cannot flow us into our most beautiful and joyful reality when we focus on fear or perceived limitation.

Aquamarine dragons from Neptune and all loving, divine energies that you connect with want to help you change your perspective and see life through the eyes of divinity and limitless possibility. They want to help you see your experiences and challenges through the eyes of your soul, higher self, guardian angel, soul family, and any higher perspective than from that of a victim mentality.

Your hardships are not meant to be diminished, they are meant to be seen for the ineffable gift that your soul got to experience, contribute to, and learn from in this magical and special reality that you only get to experience this way in your human incarnation. Can you imagine expanding your vision of your personal and even collective experience to include multiple galaxies, lifetimes, and dimensions? Oh how your perspective might change and therefore your experience and future plans.

Changing our mind with our mind is an interesting thought and experience. Can we change our perspective with our minds? Must we have experience to go along with the changed thoughts? The dragons want to help you experience a true shift in perspective and offer you a ritual to receive their benefit. The dragons invite you to offer a glass of water to them in the morning to start your day and in the evening before you go to sleep. Offer this water to the aquamarine dragons with the intention that they influence the vibration of the water so that when you drink it, you will be assisted in shifting to see your life through the eyes of divinity and love. Feel free to adjust or create your own ritual or process. If this feels too woo woo for you, try being open to the magic. There are also other “scientific” ways to rewire your brain if that is more interesting to you 😉

Know that the process of shifting your perspective, however you go about it, can take time. Be committed to exploring your mindset and the effect it has on the way you experience and create your life. Some things may only be understood with time and experience, and some things are ready to be understood now and change your life now. Let go of the need for all to be fair and make sense, for the idea of fairness and making sense can be limited by our limited perspective. In the eyes of God/Source/Creator/Universe all experiences are honoured as a divine part of life and we are loved and cared for unconditionally.

Can you be curious, rather than controlling, about what life is asking of you and also offering to you? Your success, wellbeing and healing are guaranteed, without a doubt. You are supported. You need only to have the experience and take the journey.

Triangle Messages

Rejoice! Rest assured! You can have confidence and relax into this beautiful and uplifted time in your life. This is a magical and abundant time for you, or it is just beginning now. You are experiencing an elevated and completely integrated level of your being. Of course there is always room to learn and grow, and there will always be more experience to integrate, but right now your focus is on enjoying all that you have become, have created, and are becoming and creating in your embodied being.

Look for and enjoy the synchronicities that point you in the right direction and show you that you are on the right path. Give thanks for this magic and abundance. You are experiencing abundance both in the material and financial realm and in the realm of experience and the esoteric, in the most beautiful way.

As you realise that all possibilities are available for you, and as you are maybe offered many different opportunities, remember to choose only what lights up and speaks happiness to your heart. Even if something seems perfect and desirable in theory, if it doesn’t light up your heart, it is not perfect for you, at least not at the time. Choosing what feels good to you and gives you joy is the only option.

You have experienced and been through a lot, a mixture of varying degrees of heaviness and levity. The dark and heavy experiences have served their purpose and do not need to be repeated. You can enjoy your joy in your sense of self and the person you have become. You have learned and grown so much. Of course you deserve good and to enjoy anything you could ever want!

The dragons want to help you burn away any remaining grip your past experiences may have over you, from this and any lifetime. This doesn’t mean the experience is erased, it means that the experience no longer controls you, and you are wiser and more loving because of it.

The dragons also want to help protect you from any negative influences or unnecessary challenges. If you consciously ask, the dragons and any higher power you connect with can help protect you from outside forces, seen and unseen. They can also prepave and illuminate the way for you in your day and in your life and endeavors. If you are traveling, the fire dragons and crystal-yellow dragons ask you to invite them to bless your travels and pave the way for your safety, fun, and success.

You also have a message of confirmation that you are a starseed. You likely have Pleiadean ancestry. You have reached a point where you are a catalyst for others to reach their highest potential. Anyone who experiences you, whether through person to person interaction or through anything you create, will be activated on a soulular level. All that you do is naturally a part of your mission to help humanity and to also experience your own personal growth as a soul.

Circle Messages

You are on, or are being called to, a journey. This is a journey so indescribable because it can only be experienced by you. This may be a literal physical journey or relocation, and/or a metaphysical journey through other dimensions, or of your inner world and how you experience yourself and interact within your world. The most important part of any journey is our own experience of it.

Your soul is asking you to journey because there are special soul codes, experiences, ancient and sacred knowledge, and soul companions that your soul wants you to remember, activate, and experience now in your current phase and form. You can only have these experiences if you go on a journey, again whether that be a physical journey or a metaphysical journey.

This may feel indescribable even to you, but do not limit yourself or experience to be able to fit in a box of the commonly accepted or understood. Trust what you are experiencing in the moment. Humanity doesn’t quite have everything figured out and the typcial ways or conceptions of the unillimuned or misinformed don’t need to be your guiding light.

Your soul is asking you to move, without you necessarily knowing where to or why. You just have to trust yourself and the universe to know that as you follow your inklings, nudgings, and inspiration, each and every step you take is in the right direction on your journey. Treat every step of the journey as important and you will be delighted at the magic you experience.

As you commit more deeply to your soul, and to this journey your soul is calling you on, you may know and feel that there are people, places, situations, and points of view that cannot go with you. You will know intuitively what you must let go of and what is calling you forth when the time is right, and if you are in a time of not knowing, let that be ok as part of the journey and honour that too.

As you let go of what must be let go, you may feel ungrounded or unsettled. It is neccessary to let these anchors go so you can experience a new foundation and knowing of trust and safety within.

All that is within you is wanting to be expressed now so that different aspects of you can play and create in the world. Let your soul song be sung and your own rythm be played so that those who would delight in dancing to your music have the opportunity to interact with you, and you with them.

The only way to experience the magic of life is to get out there and live it, and go on your journey. You can’t plan for the beauty that life has in store for you, other than to commit to showing up and following your heart.

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