Virgo New Moon 2022

Put everything aside and practice self-care. Surely your problems and woes, or even your planning and attaining can wait for one day, or one hour, or one moment, or one week or more even. You decide what is appropriate and best for you.

The takeaway is to make time for self-care and nourishing yourself, in whatever form you most need and feels right to you.

Some forms of self-care can include grooming, taking a luxurious bath, abhyanga/massage, excercise, play, practicing your hobbies and passions, connecting with a friend or loved one, having fun, setting boundaries, eating well, napping, saying no or canceling something not in alignment, saying yes, paying your bills.
These are just some ideas if you need inspiration, there are many more ways to practice self-care than listed here. It’s also important to note that what looks like self-care for one person may be different for another person. And what you need for self-care in one moment may be different at another time depending on your current needs. We are all unique and ever changing, pay attention to your needs.

Rememeber, it’s ok to allow joy and fun and play. It’s ok to breakdown and cry.
It’s ok to do it all in the same day.

If you’d like more inspiration for the new moon, click here for a new moon pick a card message and affirmations. Wishing you blessings during this new moon, and whenever you are reading this!

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