Virgo New Moon 2022 Pick a Card Message & Affirmations

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Hi beautiful soul. Happy new moon. For this pick a card, there are 6 options total, which are the exact same in both pictures. There are two pictures because one is animated for fun and I wasnt sure how it would work out. If you click play on the video selection option, I hope you enjoy the little animation 🙂 Feel free to pick one option, or as many as you like. Each option includes affirmations and channeled messages. Cards are from Find Your Light Inspiration deck by Sara Burrier.


Option 1: “I am light.”

Your message is that you are the light. You have a natural light within and you truly are capable of being the light you wish to see in the world, even and especially in the midst of darkness or struggle.
You are more than capable, you are being called upon to be the light, you are already being the light, and you are always helped and guided in shining your light. It doesn’t even have to be for the whole world. What is the light you wish to see in your personal world? What are some ways you can be, share, offer, and express that light? What are some ways you have already been and already are shining and sharing your light, beauty, talent, genrosity, and more? Shine on beautiful soul.

Option 2: “I feel grateful.”

What are some things you feel grateful for in your life; past, present, or future dreams? Focus on the feeling of gratitude above all else now. You can focus on many and varying things you are grateful for, or you can focus on just one thing or aspect. The importance is that your feeling of gratitude be genuine and heartfelt, not forced.
Did you know that just focusing on this feeling of gratitude can help solve your problems and bring about your desires? It’s universal law that this is so. By feeling and expressing gratitude, you invite more to be grateful for. Gratitude can be even more effective and beneficial than brainstorming or problem solving. Notice thoughts and inspiration that come to you from a place of gratitude. Be bold enough to let the magic ensue. You are safe and secure and all is well.

Option 3: “I am worthy. I am bonded. I feel open.”

If you chose option 3, your focus is on or is being called to your relationships. Being bonded in your relationships means sharing a meaningful connection and feeling secure in the connection. There is a special and hard to describe good-feeling feeling that we feel in our most beautiful connections and when we are with or have found our people.
This is happening for you now. And if it’s not, it soon will be, especially when you explore the feelings of your relationships and what being healthily bonded means to you. You are so worthy of love, friendship, healthy connections and relationships of all kinds, including work and family.
When you experience this good feeling with others, know that this is a signal that it is safe to feel open and share your true self, and that others are doing the same with you. This is a beautiful and magical time for loving relationships. If it’s not, explore the reasoning, then affirm: “I am worthy of loving and harmonious connections, and beautiful friendships and relationships are what I experience everyday”. Allow yourself and your relationships to change if neccessary.

Option 4: “I will surrender.”

What in your life do you need to surrender or surrender to? Only you can answer this question. Is it a limiting or harmful mindset that is ready to be surrendered and let go of, or maybe an addiction? How about the need to know everything or have it all figured out? Do you need to surrender and give in to a desire or a knowing or a calling?
Be willing to release your tight grip. You don’t need to be in control all the time, of externals or your own feelings and emotions. There is a time and a place for the masculine, being strong, being the boss, and getting things done. But it isn’t always. Be willing to surrender and instead be held by grace and divinity. You can pick up your habits again or whatever it is that wants to be surrendered anytime you like. Knowing that, can you be willing to put it down and see what you allow space for? Affirm now in the present tense, “I surrender” or “I am willing to surrender”.

Option 5: “I will heal.” “I will worship.”

Firstly, I’d like to change the affirmation to “I am healed”, or “I am healing”. When we affirm that we will do something or that something will happen, it often keeps the outcome in the future. This is because when we affirm in this way, we are affirming we will do something in the future instead of affirming that we are doing it now, or that it is already done. Small change, big difference.
It’s also important to notice when it feels off or doesn’t feel true when we affirm something in the present tense. Discomfort shows us where we still need to grow, learn, or explore our feelings and make changes. It can also be a signal to tweak the affirmation until it feels good and suitable to you in the moment.
On the same note, “I will worship” becomes “I worship” or “I am worshiping”. To worship something means to give thanks to and feel reverence and love for, or practice devotion to. What do you worship in your life? Perhaps this is a good time to deepen or explore your devotion to your connection with divinity and wellbeing or a particular divine being you connect or want to connect with.
If you are in a process of healing, you could also consider your relationship with the divine and how that ties in with your healing process. Do you trust your Higher Power to help you heal and guide you in health and wellbeing?

Option 6: “I will hope.”

Be hopeful and optimistic dear beautiful soul! Affirm, “I am hopeful” “My hope and belief allow beautiful experiences to occur in my life”.
The universe is inviting you to get your hopes up. Hope, imagine, dream. If you can let yourself hope, this gives the universe an avenue to deliver to you the goods. Don’t squash your dreams with doubt and disbelief, or not letting yourself hope. Be hopeful and give your dreams and desires a chance to be yours! They already are your dreams and desires, and for good reason. Now let your dreams and desires be yours in manifested experience and joy. Enjoy! Remember to allow for divine timing and divine form, being open to what you want and/or something even better than you imagined!

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