October 2022- Divination Invitation

This month I’ve created a divination challenge for our inspiration. I don’t always like the word challenge, so also consider this an invitation into self-exploration, journaling, channeling, and connecting with the divine.

All of the prompts for the month are listed on this page. Make this journey your own. Feel free to share your insights. If you only want to explore the prompts most meaningful to you, that is ok. These words are here to inspire, no need for overwhelm or to follow the outline completely.

These prompts can be used for pulling cards and gaining wisdom from your chosen cards. You can also journal or free write about the prompts, which can also lead to channeling, or you can write with the intention of channeling. All of the answers and information you seek are already within and available to you.

Divination means accessing information through various arts and practices. Divination challenges are a fun way to connect with yourself and access higher wisdom. Enjoy the outline and the prompts, and above all allow space and freedom to move the way you are inspired. If one day you feel like reading clouds instead of cards, or singing or writing a song instead of journaling, go with it! If another prompt seems more important, or if you have your own question in mind for the day, listen to your own internal guidance. Have fun and happy October!

Oct 1: What do I need to know about my current energy

Oct 2: Mercury direct in Virgo- A message regarding my daily habits and routine

Oct 3: Where can I move forward with renewed vision or renewed commitment

Oct 4: What do I need to know about my mindset

Oct 5: Where can I be served by a shift in perspective

Oct 6: What do I need to know about the energy of my surroundings and environment

Oct 7: How can I best interact with the surrounding energies

Oct 8: Pluto direct- Where have I been experiencing deep transformation

Oct 9: Full Moon in Aries- What do I need to know during this highly charged time

Oct 10: Take today to catch up and/or reflect, and/or do some physical activity or chanting.

Oct 11: Mercury re-enters Libra- What do I need to know about my current relationships (in general or specific relationships)

Oct 12: Message from my Soul Family

Oct 13: How can I improve my relationship with fear/anxiety

Oct 14: How can I improve my relationship with anger

Oct 15: What do I need to know about being my healthiest self

Oct 16: Catch up/integration day

Oct 17: What does my heart want to express

Oct 18: How can I serve my Higher Power, remembering that my relationship to my Higher Power is not one sided

Oct 19: What message does my Higher Power most want me to recieve

Oct 20: How can I feel more connected to my Higher Power/trusting of Life

Oct 21: What brings me feelings of happiness.

Oct 22: How can I experience more peace and happiness in my everyday life

Oct 23: Scorpio Season begins- Where am I being called into further transformation

Oct 24: Saturn direct- What do I need to know about my current vision/timeline for my goals

Oct 25: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio- Rest & reflect/Honour the eclipse

Oct 26: What are my natural talents and strengths

Oct 27: How can I best express or enjoy my natural talents and strengths

Oct 28: How can I experience more financial abundance in my life

Oct 29: How can I raise my frequency, or, how can I live more in harmony with my natural self

Oct 30: Mars Retrograde- Mars inquiry: what is the deeper message behind my feelings of anger, or, how can I be the hero/champion of my own life

Oct 31: A message from my future self

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