Affirmation: “We Are All Different, And Meant To Be That Way.”

“We are all different, and meant to be that way.” -Louise Hay

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Every one of us has our own perspective on life, our own personal history and life experience, and our own unique biological composition. We all each have our own aspirations, dharma, individual abilities, tendencies, preferences, and personal version of health, happiness and wellbeing. We are all fluctuating, cyclical, and rythmic beings. Everything within, physical and mental/emotional, is a reflection of great Mother Nature herself and the universe as a whole. We have seasons and climates and variations just as in nature. With each of us being diverse, of course it would make sense that we might each interact with, and respond differently to the same things, as well as have our own creativity, allowing for our one of a kind life experience. It’s helpful for us to know about ourselves and be mindful of the way we personally move through and experience life.

What works well for you might not work well for another person. What might be helpful during one time or phase may not be beneficial during another. The same things that bring balance to some of us might throw others of us into imbalance, and what might be hurtful for some can be healing and beneficial for others. This is because we are all made up of a unique composition of qualities, elements and past experience, and therefore we all react, interact and respond differently according to our unique nature and makeup. This is why it’s important for us to be aware of how we interact and respond personally, regardless of what another recommends or experiences. On the same note it’s equally important that we allow others to experience, explore and choose what is best for them.

For example, one person might highly recommend or have been greatly helped by, or even just enjoyed a technique or experience. Another person may be repulsed by or detrimented by the same experience, philosophy, or technique.
To give another example one person may love a hot yoga class and become energized by it while another person may feel ill or become angry. Or one form of eating can be a life saver for one person and be harmful to another. What was beneficial to us at one point may need adjusting at another time as we grow and flow and fluctuate with life.

“There are many right ways for us to behave.”
“Without the diversity there would be complacency and endedness.” -Abraham Hicks

Look at a group of flowers and herbs. Each so beautiful and with its own essence or super power. They can’t all be the same or we would miss out on their benefits, magic and beauty. It’s the same with us. We can’t all be the same and we cannot change our original nature. But we can honour our unique nature and live in harmony with it to experience health, wellness, happiness and know how to enjoy our unique essence and maybe even share it with the world.

Learn about what makes you you, so you can honour and celebrate it, as well as know the best ways to work with your natural tendencies and original beauty. Let yourself try new things and make “mistakes” as you learn about yourself in this dance with life. Be aware that you have seasons and cycles, and consider what season you are in energetically, including in your overall greater cycles. Celebrate and encourage others also practicing self-empowerment and awareness. Be willing to learn about other people’s uniqueness. Your loved ones maybe? Understanding our differences rather than imposing one standard we must all be contained within can help with interpersonal relationships and the ways in which we relate to and interact with all things. This can help with self-esteem and overall health and wellbeing.

I am unique and meant to be that way. I embrace my whole self. I love myself.

In Ayurveda, it is understood and celebrated that every being on the planet is unique. It’s important for each of us to learn about our own individual nature so we can understand what wellbeing looks like for us personally, according to our original nature and experience at any given time.

What is Ayurveda, you may ask? Ayurveda means the science or wisdom of life. It is a holistic medical science, originating in India, that considers the mind, body, and spirit as a whole when working with health. Not one aspect of our lives is left out when considering our wellness and health. Ayurveda focuses on getting to know and understand the individual, it is highly personalised medicine. When you practice Ayurveda, you learn how to bring your entire self in harmony with your original nature and highest good to experience optimum health and live in harmony with life itself.

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